Tarot Reader Beginners Course


How to Read Tarot

Have you always wanted to learn how to read Tarot cards? This is your opportunity to learn how to read the cards in six easy lessons

Study with Sandy Anastasi

Six Week Tarot Reader Beginners Course with renowned astrologer psychic and tarot teacher Sandy Anastasi

Tarot Reader's Workbook

This course includes The Tarot Reader’s Workbook as a free PDF download. Each week you'll work through the book  with the videos.

In this class you will learn about the Tarot, you will learn the meanings of all 78 cards both upright and inverted, and you will learn how to do simple, accurate readings.

Here’s what the program includes:

Sandy is world-renowned for her unique ability to simplify complex concepts, organize them into great and easy to follow lessons, and to make learning them fun and easy.

In the Tarot Reader’s Online Class Sandy is going to teach you the meaning of the cards in a way so simple she’ll have you doing readings after the very first session.

Sandy believes that the way to learn is to ‘DO’. You’ll be ‘DOING’ readings before you know it!

There are many Tarot reading classes and books available. What makes this class different is that you get to apply what you learn immediately.

Sandy doesn’t just go over card meanings – she teaches you how to read the cards in a way so easy and natural you will almost just absorb the knowledge.

Sandy has a profound respect for this ages-old divination and psychic development tool. She is a font of wisdom about the Tarot. This is your opportunity to learn from the teacher who has taught the teacher’s. Sandy hates the word ‘Master’, but that is the only word that suffices here. Sandy is a true ‘Master’ of the tarot and its wisdom.

And along the way you will absorb the incredible philosophy of life that underlies the cards and makes them such a wonderful tool to work with.

You will learn that the cards are far more than a divination tool… they are a teacher that educates you in the ways of the Universe, and of life itself.

During this six week program,  you'll receive a lesson on video with Sandy as she explains how to read the cards including what each card in the Major and Minor Arcana mean.  

Each week you'll have exercises to do from Sandy's teaching on the video along with exercises in the workbook that will quickly have you doing Tarot readings of your own! 

Ready to Read the Tarot in Six Easy Lessons

This is your opportunity. Begin reading Tarot cards today!


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